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Planning the Timber Frame Home?


Everyone is born to do something. Wendell B. Anderson was born to build. “My parents used to joke that I was born with a hammer in one hand and a shovel in the other.


Wendell’s mentor at Wellington was a man named Mike Moyer. Moyer pushed, prodded and ultimately inspired Wendell to produce top-notch work.


This way you can achieve all the amenities that you wish in the most cost effective design available.


Certain criteria that are unique to each site makes for the most efficient design considering the orientation of the home to the Sun.

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We look forward to walking your site with you and would hope you allow us to give our perspective as to how you can accomplish all that you have in mind.


Gone were the stick built homes; in was the old-world building approach upon which the newly named TimberCrafters would build its reputation.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Most people have some kind of a vision as to what their dream home is going to look like and we would be honored to take your thoughts and turn them into reality.

The Skin of a Timber Frame Home

The weakest link of the Old Era Timber frame building was the way they wrapped the frame. This usually was achieved by plank boards that were poor insulators as well as not withstanding to the elements and surely did not achieve much of an R value to boot.

The New Home Site

There are many things to consider when looking for that perfect home site. It is easy to become enchanted when you are walking through an undeveloped piece of property but try not to lose site of the most important issues you face when laying the ground work to your home. You will probably never achieve all the ideal criteria for the home but the following list of things to consider can have the greatest impact on not only the livability of your home, but the final cost in the end.

What is a Timber Frame Home?

Timber frame homes are truly timeless; with the bones of a Timber frame consisting of massive wooden posts, beams, and braces, which are connected by mortise and tenon joints and secured together using thick wooden pegs. These buildings have been around for hundreds of years with their structural integrity still intact. And in fact they have relatively recently become popular to people from all walks of life.

The Design Process

A thorough knowledge of the site and the occupant’s needs and wants is crucial to any successful plan. Any Architect that hesitates to do a site visit is probably not going to be very flexible to your needs. Now is the time to realize this and move onto somebody truly suitable to your vision. Have a consultation before any money exchanges hands and I assure you this will save heartache in the end. Most of our customers have already been exposed to our methods of construction through open houses which makes the first contact free of anxiety. In most cases we can get right down to the pile of ideas they have brought to the initial meeting.

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We achieve this by offering a full design service from simple stick drawing or thoughts to a full scale stamped set of drawings.

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